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Formation of a new group

Creation of the group, following the appointment of Erwann Bocquillon. The group is from now on looking for new members: post-doc, PhD students or MSc students. If you are interested, please write an e-mail at bocquillonSpamProtectionph2.uni-koeln.de.


First team outing, Siebengebirge

On the 22nd of July 2022, the work group of Prof. Erwann Bocquillon enjoyed their first team outing. The group activity included a hike to one of the highest points of the Siebengebirge, the old ruins of Löwenburg (455m). After a refreshing picknick the hike continues to Burg Drachenfels (320m). 


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Team Outing - Hochseilgarten Blackfoot Forrest and Blackfoot Beach

Celebrating one year after the first PhD student Boris Stanchev arrived, the workgroup Bocquillon went on their second group outing. On the 23rd of June the group tested their teamwork abilities in up to 12m above ground in the climbing parcours of the Blackfoot forrest 'Hochseilgarten'. After this physical exercise at record breaking temperatures, the group enjoyed time at the nearby blackfoot beach, swimming and enjoying cold drinks. The picture shows from left to right: Michael Lee (ML4Q intern, Yale University), Daniel Rosenbach (PostDoc), Torsten Roeper (PhD Student), Boris Stanchev (PhD Student), Prof. Erwann Bocquillon and Hugo Thomas (Master intern, ENS Paris).