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Van-der-Waals heterostructures as building blocks for quantum bits in quantum networks

Our group specializes in advanced device fabrication techniques, particularly the precise stacking of 2D materials and the use of optical and electron beam lithography. We characterize these devices and materials and explore their electronic, optical, and transport properties. Our investigations encompass a diverse array of structures, ranging from bilayer graphene embedded in hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) to transition metal dichalcogenides. We will also explore single photon emitters in h-BN and GaAs-based nanostructures, including self-assembled quantum dots, as well as combinations of these materials in integrated devices.

The primary goal of our research is to gain an understanding of the electronic and optical properties in these nanostructured 2D materials. We focus on investigating the potential of quantum dots and defects as single photon emitters within 2D materials, as essential components in constructing quantum networks. For example, we aim to achieve a spin-photon interface using spin/valley-based ground states and spin/valley-selective optical transitions.

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