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Practical Course M

01.06.2021: Advanced Practical Courses M in summer term 2021

starting from June several experiments are offered as a mixture of face-to-face and online event. The preliminary discussions will stay in the online format and should take place about a week before the planned experiment. In the preliminary discussion, the basic principles of the experiment are discussed in detail in order to keep the contact time during the experiment as short as possible. Therefore, please contact the respective supervisor well in advance of the planned appointment and be well prepared about the basics of the respective experiment already for the online preliminary discussion.
In these preliminary meetings, also the organizational details concerning the on-site  experiment are clarified, which differ depending on the individual experiments or may change at short notice depending on the actual Covid-19 development. For some experiments and/or cours groups, it may be necessary, for example, that only 2 students will come to the on-site experiment and a further group member will take part via video. Please print out a "declaration form for participation in on-site experiments" which summarizes the hygiene and implementation rules. For each on-site appointment, a completely filled and signed version of this delcaration has to be handed in.

This Website is about the experiments in solid state physics of the Advanced Practical Course M. General information about the entire Advanced Practical Course M are located on the

The Advanced Practical Course M consists of the catogories: Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Solid State Physics,  Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics. In general, you will perform 4 experiments in two of these categories and you have to register for each of these categories separately.

In order to ensure a smooth and efficient run of the Advanced Practical Course you are asked to download this more detailed description of the regulations and to follow these instructions throughout the course.

Registrations in groups of 2-3 student are possible and welcome, but nevertheless each student has to register individually. The student who registers first receives a group code, which has to be entered during the registration of the other student(s) in order to join the same group.

The Experiments M2.x are located in different laboratories of the II. Physikalisches Institut. Please, meet your tutors at the entrance of the II. Physikalisches Institut.