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Practical Course M

26.10.2020: Advanced Practical Courses M in winter term 20/21 related to Corona

The form to confirm your participation in the briefing on safety instructions is available here in english and in german versions.

The declaration of participation in on-site experiments is available here. Please note that you must submit such a declaration of participation for each on-site experiment to the respective supervisor.

28.8.2020: Advanced Practical Courses M in winter term 20/21 related to Corona

This is a brief overview of the current status of planning the Advanced Practial Course M in the winter term 2020/21. In general, all experiments should be carried out in attendance again from November 2nd, 2020. However, depending on the actual corona situation, it may be necessary to switch back to an online format at short notice.

When performing the experiments, special hygiene and distance rules must be observed. In this regard, we orientate ourselves on the experiences from the Practical Course A, which has been carried out in attendance again for some time. In order to shorten the overall contact times, the previous "Antestat" will  be replaced or supplemented by online preliminary discussions. These will take place a few days before the planned experiment in order to discuss the basics of the respective experiment. For individual experiments and / or student groups it may be necessary that, e.g., only 2 students will be on site and another group member will participate via video. We also assume that the experiments  will be distributed over more days of the week and / or the lecture-free period.

The exact organization of performing the experiments can vary  slightly and will be discussed in the respective online preliminary meeting. Some details of the organisation will also depend on the total number of registrations. Registrations are possible via the practical course database from now until October 19, 2020. On October 26th, 2020 at 15:00 there is an information event via video conference, which will also contain the mandatory briefing on safety instructions.

Both dates are in October so that the exact distribution of groups and experiments can be completed by the beginning of the lecture period on November 2nd, 2020. If there are open question please contact the organizers  via: praktikum-mSpamProtectionikp.uni-koeln.de

6.5.2020: Info about the Advanced Practical Courses M related to the Corona virus

During this summer term, all the experiments of the Practical Courses M are conducted in an online format. The respective students have received more detailed information via an email from the database.

This Website is about the experiments in solid state physics of the Advanced Practical Course M. General information about the entire Advanced Practical Course M are located on the

The Advanced Practical Course M consists of the catogories: Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Solid State Physics,  Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics. In general, you will perform 4 experiments in two of these categories and you have to register for each of these categories separately.

In order to ensure a smooth and efficient run of the Advanced Practical Course you are asked to download this more detailed description of the regulations and to follow these instructions throughout the course.

Registrations in groups of 2-3 student are possible and welcome, but nevertheless each student has to register individually. The student who registers first receives a group code, which has to be entered during the registration of the other student(s) in order to join the same group.

The Experiments M2.x are located in different laboratories of the II. Physikalisches Institut. Please, meet your tutors at the entrance of the II. Physikalisches Institut.