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Subgroup Lindfors-Vrejoiu


Ionela Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Senior Researcher

Jörg Schöpf, PhD student (since April 2021)

Valentina Piva, Master student (since September 2023)

Lin Yang, PhD student (finished October 2022)

Lena Wysocki, PhD student  (finished October 2021)


Pulsed-laser deposition

Pulsed-laser deposition (PLD), equipped with reflective high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) system that can operate in oxygen pressure of up to 0.5 mBar (installed in July 2019, purchase from SURFACE systems+ technology GmbH) (DFG Großgerätenantrag Project No.407456390).

Current research projects

  1. Novel types of magnetic order generated across epitaxial interfaces of 4d and 5d transition metal perovskite oxides (German Research Foundation DFG LI3015/3-1, No. 335038432)
  2. All-oxide epitaxial heterostructures for the generation and electric field control of topological spin textures (German Research Foundation DFG LI3015/5-1, No. 403504808)

Recent results

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SrZrO3/SrRuO3/SrIrO3 superlattices fabricated by PLD: microstructure investigations by scanning transmission electron microscopy (a), (d) and (f), SAED ((b) and (c)) and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy EDXS (e) (collaboration with Lei Jin and András Kovács, Ernst Ruska Centre Jülich).

Recent publications

  1. Lena Wysocki, Jörg Schöpf, Michael Ziese, Lin Yang, , András Kovács, Lei Jin, Rolf B. Versteeg, Andrea Bliesener, Felix Gunkel, Lior Kornblum, Regina Dittmann, Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht, and I. Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Electronic Inhomogeneity Influence on the Anomalous Hall Resistivity Loops of SrRuO3 Epitaxially Interfaced with 5d Perovskites, accepted to be published in ACS Omega
  2. G. Malsch, D. Ivaneyko, P. Milde, L. Wysocki, L. Yang,P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, I. Lindfors-Vrejoiu, and L. M. Eng, Correlating the nanoscale structural, magnetic, and magneto-transport properties in SrRuO3-based Perovskite Thin films: Implications for oxide skyrmion devices, ACS Applied Nano Materials, https://doi.org/10.1021/acsanm.9b01918.
  3. Michael Ziese, Francis Bern, Pablo D. Esquinazi, and Ionela Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Topological Signatures in the Hall Effect of SrRuO3/ La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 SLs, Phys. Status Solidi B 2019, 1900628, https://doi.org/10.1002/pssb.201900628
  4. M. Ziese, L. Jin and I. Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Unconventional anomalous Hall effect driven by the oxygen-octahedra-tailoring of the SrRuO3 structure, J. Phys. Mater. 2, 034008 (2019)
  5. Lena Wysocki, Ramil Mirzaaghayev, Michael Ziese, Lin Yang, Jörg Schöpf, Rolf B. Versteeg, Andrea Bliesener, Johannes Engelmayer, András Kovács, Lei Jin, Felix Gunkel, Regina Dittmann, Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht, and Ionela Lindfors-Vrejoiu, “Magnetic interlayer coupling between epitaxial SrRuO3 layers separated by ultrathin non-magnetic SrIrO3/SrZrO3”, Appl. Phys. Let. 113, 192402 (2018)
  6. M. Ziese and I. Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Hall effect of asymmetric La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3/SrRuO3 and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BaTiO3/SrRuO3 superlattices, Journal of Applied Physics 124, 163905 (2018)


  1. Lena Wysocki, Master thesis: Magnetic Order in SrRuO3/SrIrO3/SrZrO3 Multilayers, April 2018

  2. Ramil Mirzighaaev, Master thesis: Magneto-optical studies of SrRuO3 thin film heterostructures, September 2018

  3. Jörg Schöpf, Master thesis: Master thesis: Design of a setup for simultaneous magneto-transport and magneto-optical effects of ferromagnetic thin film heterostructures, November 2019