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Prof. Dr. Yoichi Ando


Telefon: +49-221-470-3570
Fax: +49-221-470-6708
Raum: 227
e-mail: andoSpamProtectionph2.uni-koeln.de


Frau Carmen Handels
Tel: +49-(0)221-470-5829
Fax: +49-(0)221-470-6708
E-Mail: handelsSpamProtectionph2.uni-koeln.de

Curriculum Vitae

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Present Position

Professor of Experimental Physics (Chair-holder), University of Cologne

Work Address

Institute of Physics II
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Straße 77, 50937 Köln, Germany

TEL: +49-(0)221-470-3570, FAX: +49-(0)221-470-6708
e-mail: ando@ph2.uni-koeln.de

Birth Year: 1964

Citizenship: Japanese

Education and Degrees

Ph.D. (Physics): February 1994, University of Tokyo

Master of Science (Physics): March 1989, University of Tokyo

Bachelor of Science (Physics): March 1987, University of Tokyo

Professional Career

2018- Spokesperson, Cluster of Excellence "Matter and Light for Quantum Computing" (ML4Q)
2015- Full Professor (W3), Institute of Physics II, University of Cologne
2007-2015 Full Professor, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
1996-2007 Senior Research Scientist, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
  (2004-2005 Department Head, Department of Materials Physics and Synthesis)
  (1997-2005 Visiting Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Science [adjunct])
1994-1996 Resident Visitor (postdoc), Bell Laboratories
1994-1994 Research Scientist, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
1991-1994 Research Scientist, Superconductivity Research Laboratory, ISTEC
1989-1991 Associate Researcher, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry


Research Summary

The strength of Dr. Ando's research lies in the core strategy to perform both the state-of-the-art materials synthesis and difficult low-temperature experiments in a synergistic manner. Before 2007, he worked mainly on high-Tc superconductors, where his main achievements were (i) Discovery of insulating normal state and hidden metal-to-insulator crossover under 60-T magnetic fields, and (ii) Discovery of electron nematicity manifested in the in-plane resistivity anisotropy. Since 2007, he has been a pioneer in the fields of topological insulators (TIs) and topological superconductors, where his major contributions include (i) Discovery and developments of “bulk-insulating” TI materials, (ii) Experimental discovery of the topological superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3, and (iii) Experimental discovery of topological crystalline insulator. After moving to Cologne, he is expanding his research horizon into mesoscopic physics in topological materials, by employing nanofabrication techniques.


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