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First Bachelor student started

Welcome to our first Bachelor student, Jeniffer König! Excited to have you working on single-photon emitters in transition metal dichalcogenides. Best of luck with your research!


Welcome Sara

Sara Etman-Zadeh joined our team as a PhD student. Welcome Sara!


Welcome Hanan

Hanan Matar joined our team as a PhD student in the TIDE Research Training Group. Welcome Hanan!


First van der Waals heterostructure

About one month after the transfer system arrived in cologne, all pieces were finally in place to build the first stack of 2D materials. A bilayer graphene flake encapsulated in hBN, together with a nicely aligned graphite backgate.
We're now ready to continously fabricate stacks and to explore different 2D materials such as TMDs.




First equipment

Our first big equipment piece arrived after a long journey from the Netherlands. The transfer system for 2D materials enables us to start building van-der-Waals heterostructures here in cologne.



First PhD student joins the group

Cornelius joins the group as Annika's first PhD student in Cologne.




Formation of a new group

Annika Kurzmann is appointed as a new professor at the II.Physical Institut at University of Cologne. Empty labratories are waiting to be filled.