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Group of Prof. Lorenz

Preparation and investigations of highly correlated transition metal compounds

Crystal Growth and Characterization

Our group focuses on complex transition metal compounds with partially filled d- or f-shells. Such materials show a plethora of unusual and fascinating phenomena, such as high-temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, multiferroic ordering phenomena, low-dimensional quantum magnetism or quantum phase transitions. All these effects arise from many-body physics of interacting electrons, which cause fluctuations and/or complex ordering phenomena of the spin, charge, lattice or orbital degrees of freedom. The understanding of the interplay of these degrees of freedom is of fundamental importance and goes far beyond the material-specific questions. The continuous search of new phenomena and systematic studies of proper model systems in order to identify the underlying microscopic mechanisms are of fundmental interest for modern solid-state physics.


Thermodynamics (Magnetism, Specific Heat, Expansion)

Our in-house experimental techniques include crystal growth and characterization, measurements of different thermodynamic and magnetic properties as well as the study of electric and thermal transport properties. Depending on the experimental demands, these measurements can be performed in a temperature range from about 20 mK up to 1000K and in external magnetic fields up to 17 Tesla.


Transport (electrical & thermal conductivity, Hall effects)

One focus of our current research work is the study of low-dimensional spin systems, whereby on the one hand the focus is on magnetic field-induced quantum phase transitions and on the other hand the influence of magnetic frustration [1-4]. Other focal points are the investigation of thermal and electrical transport properties [5, 6, 7] and the study of magnetic, structural and / or (ferro-) electrical ordering phenomena [7, 8, 9]. More literature about our work can be found here.

Bachelor or Master Thesis

All topics above are open for bachelor and master students to conduct part of our research within a thesis project. Depending on your personal interests, either more technical aspects (e.g. setting up new measurement environments) or more theoretical and analytical interpretation of experimental data may become the focus of the work. In case of interest on our research, please do not hesistate to contact us for a meeting.  Thomas Lorenz



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