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(Minimal) Research Opportunities

(Minimal) Research Opportunities (or Miniforschung) have been introduced at the Physics Department of the University of Cologne and at some institutes of the Nuclear Research Facility Jülich (now Research Institute Jülich) by Prof. Dr. Stauffer and Prof. Dr. Wohlleben; meanwhile, they take place since over 15 years. Interested students have the possibility to conduct themselves scientific research based on a small project. Furthermore, they can get in touch with the instiutes and learns about the different research topics of the groups. The projects are chosen such that the results should be obtainable within six to eight weeks. In some cases the obtained results were that interesting that they were even published in a scientific journal.

Students with excellent results will be proposed for the Dieter Wohlleben Award.

Contact for interested students:

Dr. Harald Kierspel

II. Physikalisches Institut

Raum 225 (Erdgeschoß)

Tel.: 0221-470-6386