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Practical Course M

6.5.2020: Info about the Advanced Practical Courses M related to the Corona virus

During this summer term, all the experiments of the Practical Courses M are conducted in an online format. The respective students have received more detailed information via an email from the database. If there are open question please contact the organizers  via:

3.4.2020: Info about the Advanced Practical Courses M related to the Corona virus

Due to the current restrictions in order to slow down the spread of the corona virus, it is currently not possible to conduct experiments in the practical courses A, B, M, as well as in physics practical courses for natural sciences. In the present situation it is impossible to make promises when and to what extent the practical course will start this semester. We try to allow you to conduct it as soon as possible. At the current status it can be assumed that the start of the practical courses will have to be postponed for several weeks at least. Therefore, practical courses will also be partially or fully offered during the next lecture-free time. To reduce the pile-up of postponed experiments it is also planned to offer online versions of some of the experiments for the practical courses B and M. This offer is primarily intended to avoid hardship cases, e.g., for students shortly before graduation.

If you are planning to take some practical courses in the current summer semester, please register via the database for the practical courses. This allows us to plan for the required capacities later in the semester or in the lecture-free time. Moreover, we can easily inform you about the progress on our side via email. Please note the respective registration deadlines. The actual start of the events will be announced on this website timely and all registered participants of the summer semester will be informed by email via the database.  In case your semester planning has changed by then, you will also have the option to withdraw your registration.

If you are at risk to fall under one of the possible hardship cases requiring the lab courses to happen soon, additionally to the regular registration please contact the practical course organizers and the examination office directly so that we can try to find a working solution.

This Website is about the experiments in solid state physics of the Advanced Practical Course M. General information about the entire Advanced Practical Course M are located on the

The Advanced Practical Course M consists of the catogories: Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Solid State Physics,  Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics. In general, you will perform 4 experiments in two of these categories and you have to register for each of these categories separately.

In order to ensure a smooth and efficient run of the Advanced Practical Course you are asked to download this more detailed description of the regulations and to follow these instructions throughout the course.

Registrations in groups of 2-3 student are possible and welcome, but nevertheless each student has to register individually. The student who registers first receives a group code, which has to be entered during the registration of the other student(s) in order to join the same group.

The Experiments M2.x are located in different laboratories of the II. Physikalisches Institut. Please, meet your tutors at the entrance of the II. Physikalisches Institut.