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Advanced Seminar SS 2016

"Nobel Prizes in Solid State Physics"

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h at the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

The aim of the Advanced Seminar in SS 2016 is to present and discuss Nobel Prizes, which are related to modern solid-state research. The talks shall give an overview about the theoretical concepts, the experimental techniques, and possible applications of important discoveries which were awarded by a Nobel Prize in physics and  are important for the field of solid state physics.


23.5.The two-dimensional material grapheneA. Fedorov
30.5.Discovery of giant magnetoresistanceJ. HembergerM. BagchiOpens external link in new windowpdf
6.6.Efficient blue light-emitting diodesM. GrüningerL. WysockiOpens external link in new windowpdf
13.6.-- no seminar talk --
20.6.Superconductivity in ceramic materialsM. BradenM. PargmannOpens external link in new windowpdf
27.6.Neutron spectroscopy and neutron diffractionA. SeveringS. BiesenkampOpens external link in new windowpdf
4.7.Scanning tunneling microscopeT. MichelyM. FörsterOpens external link in new windowpdf
11.7.Laser spectroscopyJ. ZhuOpens external link in new windowpdf