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PD Dr. Thomas Lorenz


2 h lectures: Thursday 10.00-11.30

seminar room 201 of II. Physikalisches Instituts

start: Thursday, April 11, 2013



  • S. Blundell "magnetism in condensed matter"    (Oxford University Press)
  • Ashcroft/Mermin "Solid state physics"        (Saunders)
  • Ch. Kittel      "Festkörperphysik"            (Oldenbourg)
  • K.H. Hellwege "Festkörperphysik"            (Springer)
  • R. Gross & A. Marx ""Festkörperphysik"     (Oldenbourg)
  • A.H. Morrish "Physical principles of magnetism"    (Wiley)
  • R. M. White "Quantum theory of magnetism"    (McGraw-Hill)
  • J.H. van Vleck "Theory of electric and magnetic susceptibilities"    (Oxford  University Press)
  • P. Fazekas "Lecture notes on electron correlation & magnetism"  (World Scientific)
  • J.D. Jackson "Classical electrodynamics"        (Wiley)
  • F. Schwabl  "Quantenmechanik I & II"            (Springer)