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Condensed Matter Physics I & II WS 2013/14 & SS2014

Prof. Dr. Markus Braden


Comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and experimental methods of solid state methods. Examples of current research will be discussed. The entire course (I and II) covers the following topics: crystal structure and binding, defects and alloys, reciprocal lattice, lattice dynamics, electronic structure, Fermi surfaces, semiconductors and metals, transport, magnetism, superconductivity, optical properties, and correlated electrons.

General information


Prof. Dr. Markus Braden (braden -at- ph2.uni-koeln.de)

Office: II. Physikalisches Institut, 211  Tel.: (470)-3655


Navid Qureshi (qureshi -at- ph2.uni-koeln.de)

Tel.: (470)-3574


Place and time


Wednesday, 10:00-11:30, Seminarraum II Physik

Friday, 10:00-10:45, Seminarraum II. Physik


no more exercises for the second part!





Exercises of the first part of the lecture in WS2013/14.


N.W. Ashcroft, N.D. Mermin: Solid state physics

C. Kittel: Introduction to solid state physics

R. Groß, A. Marx: Festkörperphysik

H. Ibach, H. Lüth: Solid state physics


K. Kopitzki: Einführung in die Festkörperphysik

Bergmann-Schäfer Bd. 6: Festkörperphysik