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Experimental methods in solid state physics

Prof. Dr. Markus Grüninger

General information


Prof. Dr. Markus Grüninger (grueninger -at- ph2.uni-koeln.de),

II. Physikalisches Institut, phone: (470)-6280


Tuesday 10:00-11:30; April 7 - July 14 2015. 


Has been moved from  Lecture Hall III to

seminar room 01TP (new building for Theoretical Physics) 

Lecture notes

Lecture notes will be uploaded before the lecture as pdf files with voids. 


The aim of this lecture is to introduce modern experimental approaches in solid state physics. Basic concepts and different methods are illustrated with topical examples of physical problems.

Preliminary list of topics:

crystal growth & growth of thin films

structure of solids (diffraction techniques, microscopy)

transport and thermodynamic properties

spectroscopies (electronic structure, magnetism, phonons, ...): optical spectroscopy; Raman scattering; inelastic x-ray scattering; x-ray absorption; photoemission; electron energy loss; tunneling; inelastic neutron scattering; magnetic resonance; pump-probe techniques; ...


Links to papers will be given below.

Textbooks (among others):

Festkörperphysik / Solid State Physics, H. Ibach, H. Lüth (Springer)

Festkörperphysik, R. Gross, A. Marx (De Gruyter)

Solid-State Spectroscopy, H. Kuzmany (Springer)

Surface Science - An Introduction, K. Oura, V. G. Lifshits, A. A. Saranin, A. V. Zotov, M. Katayama (Springer)

An Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation, P. Willmott (Wiley)

Lecture notes & links

1) Crystal growth

1) Crystal growth part 1  (April 7)

Papers about optical image furnace:

a) Crystal growth of pure and substituted low-dimensionality cuprates ...

b) Ultra-high vacuum compatible image furnace

1) Crystal growth part 2 (April 14 & 21)

1) Crystal growth part 3 (April 21 & 28)

Paper about growth of graphene: Growth of graphene on Ir(111)

2) Diffraction

2) Diffraction part 1 (April 28 & May 5)

2) Diffraction part 2 (May 5)

Paper about resonant scattering: Charge stripe order near the surface ...

Paper about neutron scattering: Evidence for charge orbital and spin stripe order in an overdoped manganite

2) Diffraction part 3 (May 12 & 19)

2) Diffraction part 4 (May 19)

3) Inelastic scattering

3) Inelastic scattering part 1 (June 2)

Paper about inelastic neutron scattering: Magnetic structure and magnon dispersion in LaSrFeO4

Paper about inelastic x-ray scattering: Phonon surface mapping of graphite: ...

Paper about Raman scattering: Inelastic light scattering from magnetic fluctuations in CuGeO3

Paper about RIXS: Orbital superexchange and crystal field simultaneously at play in YVO3 ...

3) Inelastic scattering part 2 (June 9 & 16)

4) PES & XAS

4) PES & XAS part 1 (June 16 & 23)

Lecture on PES, June 16

Paper about ARPES: Angle-resolved photoemission study of the graphite intercalation compound KC8: a key to graphene

4) PES & XAS part 2 (June 23 & 30)

Paper about XAS: Local symmetry and magnetic anisotropy in multiferroic MnWO4 ...

5) Optical spectroscopy

5) optics part 1 (June 30 & July 7)

Paper about ellipsometry: Probing orbital fluctuations in RVO3 ...

5) optics part 2 (July 7)

NOTE: The last lecture on ulötrafst dynamics will not be given on July 14 but on

WEDNESDAY July 15 at 9.30 (not 10:00) in the seminar room of the II. Physikalisches Institut.


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