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Prof. Dr. Markus Braden

2 h lectures: Thursday 10.00-11.30

seminar room 201 of II. Physikalisches Instituts

start: Thursday, April 14, 2016

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This lecture covers the following aspects

I.  Introduction     (Units in electromagnetism)

II.  Basic concepts of diamagnetism and paramagnetism

III. Magnetic order and excitations

IV. Magnetic interactions and symmetry

V.  Magnetic space groups                                                                  

special lecture: magnetic structure refinement with Fullprof

VI. Itinerant magnetism

VII. Mott-Hubbard insulators

VIII. Frustration of magnetic interaction

IX. Magnetism and unconventional superconductivity

X. Multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials




Standard literature for solid state physics:
- C. Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics             (basics)
- Ibach-Lüth  Festkörperphysik                          (more general)
- Ashcroft-Mermin Solid State Physics              (stronger focus on theory)

More specific for magnetism:
- Patrik Fazekas  Lecture Notes on Electron Correlation and Magnetism
- Marshal and Loversey Theory of thermal neutron scattering
- Toru Moriya Spin Fluctuations in Electron Magnetism

- W. Opechowski and Rosalia Guccione,  Magnetic Symmetryin George T. Rado and Harry Suhl (eds.),
Magnetism, vol. IIA (Academic Press: New York, 1965)

- Daniel I. Khomskii Transition metal compounds Cambridge Univ. Press 2014