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General information


Lecture: Prof. Dr. Thomas Lorenz(tl -at- ph2.uni-koeln.de), Tel.: (470)-3593

Time The course will start on Wednesday October 11th, 2017 and end on February, 02nd 2018.

Lecture (3h) 

The lecture takes place in SR II. PI on Wednesdays from 10.00–11.30 and Thursdays from 12.00–13.30.

Lecture notes will be available here

Comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and experimental methods of condensed matter physics. Examples of current research will be discussed.

The entire course (I & II, given in 2 semesters) covers the following topics: crystal structure and binding, reciprocal lattice and diffraction, lattice dynamics, electronic structure and Fermi surface, semiconductors and metals, transport, magnetism, superconductivity, optical properties, and correlated electrons.

Addresses: master students

Exercises (1h)
to be announced.


N. W. Ashcroft, N. D. Mermin: Solid State Physics

C. Kittel: Introduction to Solid State Physics

R. Gross, A. Marx: Festkörperphysik

J. Sólyom: Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids

H. Ibach, H. Lüth: Solid State Physics