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Optical Spectroscopy of Solids

Prof. Markus Grüninger

General information


Prof. Markus Grüninger (grueninger -at- ph2.uni-koeln.de)

Time & Place

October 11, 2019 - January 31, 2020

Friday 10.00–11.30

Konferenzraum Theorie

Aims of the course Understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of optical spectroscopy on solid-state samples. Topics covered are e.g. the dielectric function, Drude-Lorentz model, Kramers-Kronig relations and sum rules, measurements in time domain and frequency domain, THz spectroscopy, Fourier-transform spectroscopy, ellipsometry, and examples of current research, e.g. on topological insulators.

Lecture notes

User name and password will be given in the lecture or upon reasonable request via email.

1. Introduction

2. Waves in matter, part 1

3. Lecture October 18: Waves in matter, part 2 (void)

4. Lecture October 25: Waves in matter, part 3 (void)

Chapter 2: Waves in matter and at interfaces

5. Lecture November 8: Drude-Lorentz model, part 1 (void) and Drude-Lorentz model, part 1

6. Lecture November 15: Drude-Loentz model, part 2 (void)

7. Lecture November 22: Kramers-Kronig relations (void)

8. Lecture November29: THz time domain spectroscopy (void)

9. Lecture December 6: Fourier spectroscopy (void)

10. Lecture December 20: Ellipsometry (void)

11. Lecture January 10: Topological insulators, part 1 (void)

12. Lecture January 17: Topological insulators, part 2 (void)

13. Lecture January 24: Topological insulators, part 3 (void)

14. Lecture January 31: Topological insulators, part 4 (void)