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An important current theme in condensed matter physics is to understand the roles of topology in the quantum mechanics of solid-state systems. In particular, novel quantum effects which emerge as consequences of nontrivial topology in the quantum-mechanical wavefunctions are of fundamental interest, not only because they allow for deeper understanding of nature, but also because they would lead to useful applications that may revolutionize the information technology. This lecture series is aimed at presenting the basic theoretical framework of topological matter (such as topological insulators and topological superconductors) and showing how they are relevant to actual materials and their applications.



Lecture: Prof. Dr. Yoichi Ando (ando -at-, Tel.: (470)-3592

Timescale The lecture will start on 09. April 2018 and is over on 16. July 2018.

The lecture takes place on mondays 16.00–17.30 at Seminarraum II.



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