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Advanced Seminar SS 2015


11.5.Magnetic correlations in FeAs superconductorsF. Waßerpdf
18.5.Charge‐carrier dynamics in topological InsulatorsM. GrüningerP. Warzanowskipdf
1.6.Quantum confinement in graphene nanostructuresC. BusseN. Samisereshtpdf
8.6.Synchrotron based core level spectroscopyA. SeveringP. Rosenbergerpdf
15.6.Phase separation in Y1‐xCaxTiO3T. KoetheS.Kaulpdf
22.6.Dynamics of magnetic monopoles in Spin IceJ. HembergerT. Knispelpdf
29.6Graphene: manipulating adsorption by dopingT. MichelyM. Pörtnerpdf
6.7. Electron‐phonon coupling in grapheneA. GrüneisM. Töpferpdf
13.7.Thermal vs. quantum phase transitions in spin chainsT. LorenzM. Kaurpdf




Second Oberseminar: "Spintronics"


Mi. 14:00-15:30 h in the Conference Room 216 of the Theory Institute, University of Cologne.

This advanced seminar gives on overview of fundamentals, experimental techniques, and applications of magnetism and spin transport in magnetic nanostructures. Novel phenomena occurring in magnetic thin layers and nanostructures, such as the giant magnetoresistance effect (GMR, honored by the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics), spin-transfer torque, spin Hall effects, pure spin currents, molecular magnetism etc. will be discussed with relevant examples and applications.


Possible subjects of the seminar talks could be from the following fields:

  • Magnetism of thin films
  • Interlayer exchange coupling
  • Giant and tunneling magnetoresistance (GMR, TMR)
  • Magnetic memories (MRAM)
  • Current-driven magnetization dynamics
  • Spin Hall effects
  • Non-local transport phenomena and pure spin currents
  • Molecular magnetism

    The organisational meeting will take place on Mi., 8th of April at 14:00 - 15:30 in the Conference Room 216 of the Theory Institute.

    In order to facilitate the preparation of this meeting you are asked to register via email to