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Prof. Dr. Joachim Hemberger

2 h lectures: Thursday 10.00-11.30

seminar room "II. Physikalisches Institut"

start: Thursday, April 20th, 2017



This lecture contains the chapters

  • basic magnetic properties and units
  • magnetism of free atoms
  • magnetic ions in the crystal lattice
  • itinerant magnetism
  • magnetic order and excitations
  • special aspects: bio-magnetism



    • R. Gross & A. Marx ""Festkörperphysik"     (Oldenbourg)
    • Ch. Kittel      "Festkörperphysik"            (Oldenbourg)
    • Ashcroft/Mermin "Solid state physics"        (Saunders)
    • Bergmann, Schaefer "Festkörper" (De Gtruyter)   
    • J.B. Goodenough "Magnetism and the Chemical Bond" (Wiley)
    • P. Fazekas "Lecture notes on electron correlation & magnetism"  (World Scientific)
    • S. Blundell "magnetism in condensed matter"    (Oxford University Press)
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