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Oberseminar WS 2010

"Solid-state research at large-scale facilities"

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h at the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

The subject of this Oberseminar is to introduce experimental techniques offered at various large-scale facilities, such as synchrotons, neutron reactors or high-magnetic field laboratories. It is planned to explain the functionality of each type of large-scale facility, to introduce different experimental techniques that are offered there, and to present applications for modern solid-state research.


08.11.10 Synchrotron radiation Mohsen Abd‐Elmeguid pdf
15.11.10 X‐ray Absorption Spectroscopy & X‐ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Thomas Willers Jennifer Marx pdf
22.11.10 Resonant Inelastic X‐ray Spectroscopy Luis Mäder Ernesto Vidal pdf
29.11.10 Neutron sources & experiments Navid Qureshi pdf
06.12.10 Angle Resolved Photoemissions Spectroscopy Michael Sing Ulrike Schroeder pdf
13.12.10 Myon Spin Resonance Andrea Severing Johannes Engelmayer pdf
20.12.10 Fermi surface studies of High‐Tc's in high magnetic‐fields Thomas Lorenz Domenik Zimmermann pdf
10.01.11 Applications of the Free Electron Laser Marcel Buchholz Matthias Wunde pdf
17.01.11 X‐ray Standing Waves & Core level spectroscopy Timm Gerber Torben Moyzio pdf
24.01.11 Combining X‐rays and neutrons to resolve a physical problem Andrea Severing pdf
31.01.11 Modern electron microscopy Markus Braden Claas Gloistein pdf