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Oberseminar WS 2012/2013

"Spin-orbit coupling induced phenomena in modern solid-state physics"

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h in the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

Spin-orbit coupling is a relativistic effect which couples the spin orientation of the electron to its orbital motion. In free atoms this coupling of the spin and orbital moments causes the fine-structure splitting of the spectral lines and also determines the ground state term of a partially filled shell via the third Hund's rule. Concerning the solid state, this "atomic effect" competes with the crystal electric field and/or the band formation. As a consequence of these competing energy scales, a multitude of very different phenomena may arise, which are in the center of modern solid-state research. It is the aim of this advanced seminar to give an overview over the broad variety of spin-orbit coupling induced physical properties of solids, which cover the wide field from very fundamental questions, as e.g. skyrmion lattices, to more technical aspects, in e.g. the area of data storage with new spintronics devices.





12.11. Theoretical background Simon Trebst pdf
19.11. Magnetic frustration & multiferroic order
Joachim Hemberger
Achim Kolmer pdf
26.11. Spectroscopic distinction of spin and orbital moments Thomas Koethe
3.12. Ruthenates Markus Braden
Martin Hell pdf
10.12. Pyrochlor-Molybdates Thomas Lorenz
17.12. Iridates Markus Grüninger
Samuel Michel
7.1. Topological Insulators Carsten Busse
Wenping Cui

Skyrmions in bulk materials

Andrea Severing pdf
21.1. Surface effects related to spin-orbit coupling Thomas Michely
Joshua Hall