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Advanced Seminar WS 2014/2015


10.11.Order and excitations in solidsD. Khomskii
17.11.Bulk and surface plasmons in spectroscopyP. PadmanabhanJ.Caislides
24.11.Excitons & trions in 2D semiconductorsC. BusseE. Patsikatheodoroupdf
1.12.Electro‐magnonsJ. HembergerC. von Krüchtenpdf
15.12.Coherent excitations probed by ultrafast opticsM. MontagneseC. Murraypdf
12.1.Magnetic monopoles in spin iceT. LorenzN. Wolfpdf
19.1.Magnetic skyrmions at surfacesT. MichelyS. Hoffmannpdf
26.1.Spinons, triplons and bound statesM. GrüningerA. Revellipdf