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Advanced Seminar WS 2015/2016

"Exotic Quasiparticles in Condensed Matter"


Mo. 14:00-15:00 h at the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

The aim of the Advanced Seminar in WS 2015/16 is to discuss exotic quasiparticles, which are in the focus of modern solid-state research. Examples are so-called Dirac fermions with linear dispersion relation representing relativistic quasi-particles or so-called Majorana fermions which represent their own anti-particles. Exotic many-body excitations in solids can also be viewed as composite quasiparticles, e.g. so-called electromagnons observed in multiferroic materials, or excitations in the so-called spin-ice systems that behave like magnetic monopoles.
The seminar talks shall focus on the presentation of the experimental signatures of such unusual quasiparticles or many-body excitations in different materials. In addition, the experimental techniques used for their observation and an overview about the underlying theoretical concepts should be given.


23.11.15order and excitations in solidsD. Khomskii
30.11.15resonance modes in unconvential SCsM. BradenOpens external link in new windowpdf
14.12.15magnetic monopoles in spin iceT. LorenzM. ReinartzOpens external link in new windowpdf
21.12.15electro-magnon excitations in multiferroicsJ. HembergerT. Schunk-BornOpens external link in new windowpdf
11.1.16localized edge states in graphene nanoribbonsA. GrüneisA. GrüneisOpens external link in new windowpdf
18.1.16exotic quasiparticles in topological insulatorsY. AndoS. KrausOpens external link in new windowpdf
25.1.16spin-plasmons in topological insulatorsM. GrüningerOpens external link in new windowpdf
1.2.16topological Kondo insulatorsA. SeveringS. ArabiOpens external link in new windowpdf