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Advanced Seminar WS 2016/2017

"Spin-orbit coupling, topology, and correlations"

Mo. 14:00-15:00 h at the Seminar Room 201 of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne.

In WS 2016/17 the Advanced Seminar shall introduce and discuss how the complex interplay between
spin-orbit coupling, topology, and electronic correlations may cause new types of excotic order with highly anomalous excitations in solid state physics. Relativistic spin-orbit effects and non-trivial topologies drive novel phenomena such as Dirac matter, Majorana fermions, or skyrmion spin textures, whereas materials with strong electronic correlations exhibit a wealth of non-trivial quantum ordering phenomena including Mott insulators, superconductors, spin-orbit entangled magnetism, and other exotic orders. At the crossroad of these dissimilar concepts and phenomena, one may expect new discoveries and new opportunities for controlling materials properties. Thus, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is funding the newly installed Opens external link in new windowCollaborative Research Center 1238, whose experimental research is located at the II. Physikalisches Institut.

In this Advanced Seminar we plan to discuss some of the major research activities in this field with sepcial emphasis on the experimental investigations of various material classes of interest. The seminar talks shall focus on the presentation of the experimental signatures of, e.g., new types of order and/or anomalous excitations. In addition, some specific experimental techniques should be explained and an overview about the underlying theoretical concepts should be given.


21.11.Introductory talkP. van LoosdrechtOpens external link in new windowpdf
28.11.RuthenatesM. BradenL. BussmannOpens external link in new windowpdf
5.12.Skyrmion systemsJ. HembergerYaxi GuOpens external link in new windowpdf
12.12.Magneto-electric multiferroicsC. GramsS. KopatzOpens external link in new windowpdf
19.12.Iridates: spin-orbit entangled Mott insulators M.GrüningerT. WekkingOpens external link in new windowpdf
9.1.Magnetic monopoles in spin iceT. LorenzG. PohlmannOpens external link in new windowpdf
16.1.Driven matter far from equilibriumP. van LoosdrechtD. KürschnerOpens external link in new windowpdf

Topological insulators

Topological superconductors

Y. Ando

S. Alqarni

Suqin He

Opens external link in new windowpdf

Opens external link in new windowpdf


Spin-orbit coupling in 2D materials

A. Grüneis

N. Ehlen

Opens external link in new windowpdf
6.2.Spin-orbit coupling at interfaces & heterostructuresI. VrejoiuJ. SchöpfOpens external link in new windowpdf