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Introduction to strongly correlated electron systems

Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abd-Elmeguid


Place and time
10:00-11:30 h on Monday , seminar room 214, Institute of Physics II
First lecture
October 13th, 2014
Accompanying material
PDF files of the lecture will be available online on this page
Contact information

Mohsen Abd-Elmeguid
Room:  311, Second Floor
Phone:  2625
Email: meguidSpamProtectionph2.uni-koeln.de

Everybody is welcome to talk with me at any time during the week!

Lecture Contents

  • Introduction
    • Short review of electrons in solids, origin of strong electronic correlations    
  • Classes of strongly correlated electron systems
    • Transition metal compounds: 3d-electrons
      - Hubbard model, Mott insulator, metal-insulator transition
      - Spin, charge and orbital degrees of freedom and ordering phenomena, selected materials    
    • Heavy fermion systems: 4f (5f)–electrons
      - The Kondo effect, heavy fermion systems, non-Fermi liquid behavior
      -  Quantum phase transitions, unconventional superconductivity, selected materials
      -  Pressure effect on the ground state properties: recent experimental results
    • Nanoscale structures:
      - Quantum confinement, unusual properties for potential applications

  • Pressure effect on the ground state properties
    • Recent experimental results on heavy fermions and transition metal compounds
  • Open discussion