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Advanced Functional Materials

Joint Seminar with Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy on current issues in Condensed Matter Physics

(1) Monday, 1400–1545 in the Seminar Room of the II. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne

(2) Monday, 1400–1545 in the Lecture Hall of the Institute of Applied Physics (HS,IAP), University of Bonn

Possible topics:

  • Nanostructured surfaces
  • Nanotubes
  • Superlattices
  • Multiferroics
  • Spintronics
  • New optical materials


Date Topic Tutor Speaker Location
30 April 2007 Multilagen Haverkort N.N. Cologne
07 May 2007 Funktionelle organische Schichten Busse Silex Cologne
14 May 2007 Nanodrähte und Nanoröhrchen Michely Blab Cologne
21 May 2007 Dünne Filme Haupricht Djemour Cologne
04 June 2007 Multiferroische Materialien Fiebig N.N. Bonn
11 June 2007 Magnetoelastische Kopplung mit nichtlinearer Optik Fiebig N.N. Bonn
18 June 2007 Anregungen in Multiferroika Braden Salm Bonn
25 June 2007 Photonische Kristalle Hilgers Bliesener Cologne
02 July 2007 Spintroncis Schüssler-Langheine Caspers Cologne
09 July 2007 Materialien mit negativem Brechungsindex Möller Ulbrich Cologne

Further Information: Prof Dr Mohsen Abd-Elmeguid, room 311, phone (0221) 470-2625,

Registration for the Advanced Students' Seminar: Ms Grömling, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at the Secretary's Office, room 321, phone (0221) 470-5819,

Abd-Elmeguid, Braden, Fiebig, Freimuth, Grüninger, Michely, Mydosh, Tjeng